Monday, September 25, 2006

Engagement Photos

Saturday, we took our engagement photos. I think they turned out really nice. This one is everyone's favorite and we'll probably use it on our invitation, etc. To see the rest, go here:


Valoree said...

awwww!!! That is so cute!!!! I want to see the rest of them. I don't have a facebook acct but I'm fixing to get this guy at work to sign into his so I can look at your pictures.

cleverscreenname said...

Just a nerdy BTW, but if you go to your pictures on facebook and click on "share" it will give you a link that you can use to send to people to see your pics, and they don't even need facebook accounts.

Geez, I'm a nerd.

Cool photos anyway.

thomasheidisimpson said...

great photos. matchy, but not to matchy matchy. the green and brown are GREAT contrasts! and you guys look hothothot.

Caroline said...

Those are SO good! I really like #13. I know you usually don't like yourself in pictures-but you have to admit that ALL of those are good and sweet!