Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ah! The invitations have arrived!

Together with their parents,
Ashley Marie Jones
Colling Russell Aynes
announce their marriage
for time and all eternity
blah blah blah blah

Anyone see a problem with this? If you didn't, look again. Collin's name is spelled wrong. And it's not like they left out an L or added an E. They added a G. Why a G? As you can imagine I freaked out. I was so worried it was my fault. And what kind of wife would I be if I can't even get my husband's name right?

It turned out to be Rexcraft's fault, so they're reprinting them. They should be here Monday.
The upside is we have extra invitations, they just have a little typo. Those won't go to his side. They'll be sure to notice.

Other than that fiasco, things are good. We found an apartment we love. It's 1 BR 1 BA, with a den and a living room. It's only $590/ a month! Which is a find in Birmingham. And it's in a good area! Collin moves in Dec. 1!!

We also went to Six Flags (again) Monday ... Columbus Day. The park wasn't crowded, but they weren't running as much because of it. Most of the rides were only running one car, so the lines got sort of backed up. Other than that, the weather was incredible and Goliath gets better everytime I ride it. We rode it three times! The front makes all the difference in the world and it's worth the extra 10 minute wait, I promise!

WEDDING UPDATE: The travel agent called and told us she had a good deal for us in Ocho Rios for our honeymoon, but it's at Couples instead of Sandles. The difference? Size and popularity. Apparently, Couples was in Jamaica before Sandles. So, I'm letting the fiance and his parents decide on what to do with that. My passport came in too!


Valoree said...

I noticed the typo right away. I was like is his name really colling and they just call him Collin? Weird. That's cool his middle name is Russell (you know cause I have a brother-in-law named Russell) When did you grow up? You're still supposed to be like 12 at the most. Sniffle sniffle. I know you've lived out on your own for years now but it's just so weird to hear you talking about getting an apartment with a boy! I'm so happy for you. I'm glad you have this blog though b/c if you didn't, I wouldn't ever know anything since you never call me or come see us anymore. :) Can't wait til December 22!!!

Caroline said...

Are these the apartments that are across the street from Collin's parents? Y'all are going to have so much fun in Jamaica! We will miss you terribly at Christmas!

Debbie said...

Yeah, at first I just thought that you made a typo when you were putting in your blog entry, and then I realized that was the whole point of the story. At least it's still plenty of time in advance for you to have new ones printed!! You are way on top of things! Congrats on finding an apartment, too! That's exciting! I'm glad you have this blog, too. I miss all of you in Tuscaloosa, and even if I don't get to talk to you or see you much, I still like to know what you're up to :-)