Monday, October 30, 2006

Sister Hazel and Atrox

Last Wednesday Collin and I went to a free Sister Hazel concert. Collin loves Sister Hazel! We're also dancing to one of their songs at the reception for our first dance, "In the Moment," so that made it even more special. It was a great concert! Very low key and intimate. It was fun! After the show, we got to meet them! It was just long enough to get a picture taken with them and to blurt out that we were dancing to one of their songs at our wedding. They were impressed. I'll post the picture soon. Collin was overly excited, even for him.

This past Saturday, we had the priviledge of waiting for 4 hours to go to the Atrox Factory. It was the scariest haunted house I've ever been to. I went last year, but still, it didn't compare. They changed some things and it seemed longer. Also, I was second to the front, so that was scary too! The entire 30 minutes we were there, my stomach was in knots and my throat was sore afterward from screaming so much. Extremely scary, extremely the best haunted house in the area! But I'm never going back. I saw some girl crying and I didn't blame her, I was on the verge of it myself.

WEDDING UPDATE: I spent the entire weekend addressing invitations. So pipe down, they're on the way. My dress fits! I can't breathe, but it fits! And we met with the travel agent! 5 nights in Ocho Rios, Couples Resort, Honeymoon Package for $2300.00 including air fare! Awesome! I'm so excited!


Valoree said...

Your life is so interesting! I'm so jealous. Ya'll always do fun stuff! Are you dancing with daddy and if so, to what song?

Caroline said...

I was just thinking the same thing-but just wait until you have kids. Enjoy it while you can!

Was it worth the 4 hour wait? That is crazy!
Y'all will have so much fun on yout honeymoon! We will miss you at Christmas!

ventingzebra said...

Four hours. Was it worth it? Well, no, but it wasn't a waste either. And yes I'm dancing with Dad, but don't know what song yet. Any suggestions?

Debbie Mayfield said...

Do you like country music? I can't remember if you do or not. If so, have you heard that song "I Loved Her First" by Heartland? It's a perfect daddy/daughter song.

ventingzebra said...

Yeah, someone else suggested it, but I'm not a big country fan. We'll see. I may end up using it. Thanks for the suggestion.