Monday, November 13, 2006

First Wedding Shower

My first wedding shower was Saturday at 10 a.m. I woke up around 7-something and could not go back to sleep because I was nervous! Isn't that crazy? I thought, if I was this nervous about a measley shower, then how nervous am I going to be on my wedding day?? So nervous!

The shower was given by people in the Bessemer Ward, most of whom know my parents better than me. All of my sisters came which meant a lot to me! And 27 people total were there! I expected maybe 10 to 15 people, but I was elated that that many people came to support me and my parents!

The gifts were beautiful! One of the most treasured gifts was a cross-stitch my sister Mary created for me. It even has the last name "Aynes" on it.

Over all, I felt very loved and Collin and I received many gifts. Thanks to everyone who came!


Anonymous said...

I thought the shower turned out great too! You didn't look nervous. I just e-mailed you all the pictures from your shower. Let me know which ones you want printed out.

Anonymous said...

Cool for wedding showers from the ward! You guys are going to get a crapload of stuff. Which reminds me, where are you registered?

And yeah, we were engaged 3 months and it felt like a year--married for 5 months feels like 1 month. Hang in there and guard your carnal treasure for just a bit longer!!! haha. I'm so excited to talk about things, lol.


ventingzebra said...

Sarah, We're registered at bed bath and beyond and target. I'm having a lingerie shower and I really wish you could be here! Stupid living in Arizona!

Caroline, Thanks for the pics! I don't need you to print any out. I'll take care of it. Thanks!