Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What's a new home without new furniture?

This is our new furniture! Isn't it beautiful? The coffee table and end tables we got are dark wood, not glass like in the picture, and we just got the sofa and love seat, not the chair. We got it Friday after Thanksgiving for a really good price. It's being delivered Saturday and we're both so excited not to sit on the floor anymore!

EBSCO Industries called me today to talk about a postition with them. This would be the dream job because it's minutes from our new apartment, they're a really great company and have lots of promotion options that deal with journalism because they're a publishing company! YAY! Wish me luck.


Caroline said...

That furniture looks awesome! Love it!
Good luck! When is your interview? SO EXCITING!

Anonymous said...

gotta say, I'm slightly jealous of the new furniture!! Cool!!!

Good luck with that job interview!!!!


Valoree said...

So pretty! I want some new furniture!