Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's Try This Again

I tried to post quite a lengthy update last week, but the internet went retarded and lost it. The highlights are that I'm readdicted to Super Nentindo. The last time that happened I was 12, so needless to say, I feel 12 again. It's easy to do when you don't have internet or cable. What can I say, it's something we both enjoy, and it brings Collin and I together :)

The other thing was that I love the Carrie Underwood CD. Collin got it for me for Christmas and everytime I'm in the car, I listen to it. It's great! Check it out.

Also, I am currently off the job market. I was just offered a job at Norris Injury Lawyers. They are calling me this afternoon with a salary offer and time to start. I'm so excited, thrilled, and relieved.

If you want to view our wedding pictures, go to www.michaelandrewphotography.com, go to clients, Ashley and Collin, password "banana."



Kim Campbell said...

Hey Ashley!! This is Kim Campbell :). I didn't know you blogged until Sarah sent me her link to her blog. I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Jamaica. How much of Jamaica did you actually see *wink-wink* hee hee? You're apartment sounds wonderful too. I'm sorry I couldn't be there for your lingerie shower. I didn't know about it until after it already happened. If I'd known about it I would've come. It's only 3 hours from Atlanta but at least we actually made it to your reception-late but we made it. You both looked wonderful and anxious to get out of there. I know how it is. Well Atlanta is good. Mark and I will be married 3 YEARS this June. Believe me Ashley it doesn't seem that long and we are still so happy. Some people said the 1st year would be the hardest but so far we enjoy being around eachother. He is truly my best friend who truly knows EVERYTHING about me, he even knows me better than I know myself which of course I hate it. I think the only thing that ever caused contention was Mark going to school but I've stopped nagging him about it and he seems happier but he's got a good job now with lots of room for growth and RAISES (YEA)and I can stay home. I never much liked working anyway but I do miss it sometimes especially since I don't really have anything to do and I get bored. I've been sick these past couple of days so I've been miserable and bored stiff but we have a Playstation 2 (in the bedroom) so it isn't so bad. Well, luv you! Sorry I didn't really get to know Collin. He seems wonderful. Hopefully I can keep up with everyones blogs.~~Kim

Codeman said...

it's Nintendo, Ashley. Glad you got the job. What are you going to do there?

Caroline said...

Oh Ashley! Those pictures are SO SO SO good and there are a ton of them! How will you ever choose?
Congrats on the job!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so good! You look like you should be in a bridal magazine! Congrats on the job and welcome to the real world:)
Love ya-

Kim said...

Hey Ashley--I've started my own blog. Sarah has convinced me. It is at http://thanaglim.blogspot.com/. Kim

Jill Norris said...

Ashley, It was great to see you the other day. I really like Norris Injury Lawyers. I have done a couple things for them. They treat people really well there. I hope you like it. I also wanted to comment on the nintendo bit. Since May we have had the Xbox. I must admit I am getting a lot better at it. We also love renting free movies from the Library! You can really watch some "classics". Have a great day!

Codeman said...

So, you're not posting very often... School bites as usual - you're not missing anything. It's not the same without you at work. But I'm off every Sunday this month!!! And I don't feel guilty because I'm not making you work them.