Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The New, um, Old Married Couple

We're back from Jamaica and couldn't be more sad about it! We loved our time there, hated leaving and want to go back ASAP! I would post the most desired pictures for everyone, but I'm having the most horrible time trying to find a computer with a DVD player to view them, let alone post them. I'm happy with them and can't wait to share them with you all.

I'm currently looking for a job while my hard-working husband gets up at 7:30 everyday, looks at me still warm and snug in bed, and goes to work for 8 hours. Most of the time I'm home when he takes his lunch, so that's been good. And I've been able to get some things done with the apartment, changing my name so I'm officially Ashley Aynes, and of course, writing thank-you notes. Hopefully they'll be off soon and I can have the apartment spotless and perfect before I go to work.

I'll post pictures soon, hopefully, so get off my back! ;)


Caroline said...

You didn't even mention your other honeymoon!
Good luck on the job search, but enjoy your time off!
Isn't it wonderful being married and not having to go "home" at night?

Anonymous said...

Well, enjoy your time off! Are you being a good little wife and having Collin's lunch and dinner ready for him when he gets home?

ventingzebra said...

Yes, I do. I've been cooking and cleaning all week, not to mention thank-you notes. I'm such a good little wife!