Friday, February 23, 2007

New Year's Pics

At midnight. I was so tired! Can you tell?
The FREE New Year's Day brunch in the Presidential Ballroom.
Dessert Table
Collin sliding down the ice slide at....ICE!
Licking a large ice cream cone made
The Presents awaiting us when we got back from our honeymoon.


Anonymous said...

That ice slide looks so cool! Did you slide? Wow at the presents and I know that is not half of what y'all got. Do you have all your exchanges done?

Anonymous said...

That slide does look really cool and all the desserts look really yummy.

ventingzebra said...

Yeah I got to slide down once. The line was really LONG. We've gotten everything exchanged that we could, but we were stuck with a few things that we didn't know where they came from. We're going to keep them and regift. I have a ton of wedding coming up to go to.