Friday, April 27, 2007

AmSouth and Regions

Collin isn't the only one upset about the merger. I got this quote from from an ex-Regions employee:

"Actually, the new name, effective 1 Nov 06, will be RINO (Regions in Name Only). Management, top to bottom (with a few exceptions in Alabama), corporate policies, practices, hardware and software (over 90%) , will be all AmSouth. Regions management, starting with Rick Horsley, has and is bailing. Those that are left, I am afraid, will be left with a "Survivor" situation, in which the new "tribe" votes (fires) members of the old "tribe". Of course, it could be a ripe situation for a "New Regions" to be born by some of the members of the old tribe. Hard to understand that Mr. Mackin, Mr. Jones and Mr. Morgan have allowed their Bank to be mugged by the Ritters and Bagbys RamSouth, with the problems they have allowed in their organization. I guess its all about the money."

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