Wednesday, April 04, 2007


(Anyone notice how all my pictures are of chocolate?)

It's one of those holidays where you don't get any days of work, but you still eat a lot of food and hang around your family. It stops being fun when you're the one hiding the eggs instead of finding them. But, hey, that's not really what the holiday is about now is it?

We have plans to go to church with my parents instead of our own ward. I say we are "planning" this because we have both put off contacting a sub for our nursery class. I'll have to remember to call people tonight. After church, we're having lunch at my parent's house and hiding/watching all my nieces and nephews hunt the eggs.

Because we're doing this on Sunday, and also because Collin's parents are going to the lake, like every weekend, we're having dinner with his parents Thursday night. I'm excited because I know they'll give us Reese's eggs, and we've been good enough to only buy one pack so far. If someone GIVES them to you, it'd be rude not to eat them, right? By the way, have any of you seen the Reese's rabbit this year? They call them Reester Bunnys. I thought it was really clever.

I'm of course excited also to spend time with Rhonda and Tom (Collin's mom and step-dad). For Valentine's Day they gave us $50. I thought it was a little over board, and I have a feeling they might try and pull this again, so I decided not to show up empty handed this time. I've secretly printed off over 40 pictures of the wedding to put in an album and give to them. I think they'll be really excited because they keep complaining that they don't have any pictures to show anyone. They have the DVD of over 1,000 pictures, but somehow they don't like that.

I have around 8 more vacation days this year than Collin does because I didn't get a job until after the honeymoon, and he had to use like 10 of his for it. Weeks ago I had played with the idea of asking off for either Good Friday or the Monday after Easter. I decided against it, but now I regret it.


cleverscreenname said...

Hiding eggs is fun...for the first 15 minutes. Then I'm just throwing them into the woods.

Caroline said...

I don't understand it, but the Easter Reeses eggs are SO good! I have only eaten one and I could eat a million more!
I look forward to hanging out with y'all this weekend!
I know your in-laws will enjoy the pictures!

Valoree said...

Yeah, I've managed to almost completely abstain from the easter candy. One Sat night, I did have a Reeses egg and me and Richard ate a small bag of M&M's peanut butter speckled eggs. Great by the way and only available at easter! See you Sunday!

lunar_dusk said...

Reeses Eggs are the best invention in the whole entire world. I made my mom send me some when I was in Australia. It is the true meaning of Easter...not really of course, but dang, they are good. I got one pack a long time ago, and we're going to get some more this weekend. Nate and I are going to hide eggs for eachother around the house because we're cool.

And hahahaha, I didn't know you are in nursery too! WHY do they make all the newly wed couples? I think we're going to be released this week....I've heard rumours, yes!

Caroline said...

PS- you so could have taken off tomorrow to help me pack! HAHA!