Friday, April 13, 2007

So Collin has been shafted so much since the merger of Regions and AmSouth. If any of you are confused about this, the policies of this hybrid-super-evil bank are former AmSouth policies with just the name of Regions. Nothing that was once Regions will survive. The merger hasn't been completed, but already they've cut out overtime, requested they work more hours, and do more work, for less pay.

He was supposed to get a raise at the beginning of the year, and here it is April 13th and he still hasn't has his interview for the raise. He's miserable. He's going back to school in the fall, so I don't know if that means he's going to try to go to part-time or quit altogether.

He's been working there for two years, has applied for two promotions, and they won't even interview him for them. I know what you're thinking. He must be a bad employee, but no, he's not. He's one of the bests. He has never called in sick in the two years he's worked there. He works his butt off, and never gets any praise. Stupid conglomerates and their greediness.

I think I read somewhere that the CEO of Regions got around $11 million as a bonus; not even part of his salary from the merger. What is one person going to do with $11 million!?! They could use it to give their employees raises, but no, that wouldn't be profitable now would it?

On another note: Happy Friday the 13th. Do something scary tonight.


Thanaglim said...

that sucks!!

Sorta like Mark working for Fasthealth.

lunar_dusk said...

That really does suck! Sounds like quitting isn't a bad idea except the whole money thing...too bad he couldn't switch to engineering and work for Gore! Stupid Regions. My mom worked at Regions for a few years and hated it--I think she hated being a teller in general, but especially Regions it seemed like. :/

Valoree said...

It's no fun when you don't like your job. Especially when you feel like you're being done wrong. I'm glad I like my job. If I have to work...I'm glad I work where I do.

Caroline said...

Poor thing! I hope things get better soon whether he stays there or leaves. Did y'all ever hear from Bryant?

ventingzebra said...

No we haven't heard from Bryant. He has an interview today for that job I told you about Saturday.