Monday, April 30, 2007

So Details Might be Helpful, huh?

Collin just got a job with a company that makes teller systems. He will be on the support side, which means there is some traveling involved with the job. He will be gone at the most, 20 weeks of the year, to who knows where around the country teaching people how to use the teller system. The weeks he is in Birmingham, he will be at the office answering calls from people who need help with the system. They do all the training in the office. Upon hire, he will receive, excellent employer paid benefits, 19 paid days vacation, 9 paid holidays, a laptop, a cell phone, and a company credit card.

When he travels, he will go with a more experienced person, and everything is paid for, including $46 a day for food. He gets to rack up sky miles and hotel stays that we can use personally for vacations.

The pay is about $13,000 more annually than what he makes now. Quite a pay raise, huh? It's not quite enough for me to not work, so I'll be continuing work so we can save more for a house that we'll hopefully be able to buy in November when our lease runs out.

When they interviewed him, they said they hardly ever lose their employees, and one of the guys he talked to said he'd been there for 3 years, loved the job, and wants to retire with the company.

I know what you're thinking. Your husband will be gone for half the year? What are you doing letting him take that job! The company said the traveling position is temporary, meaning if he does a good job (which he will) in two years, he will have the opportunity to move into a non-traveling position. We weren't going to have children for a few years anyway, so this just seems like a great opportunity we couldn't pass up. We both feel really blessed.


lunar_dusk said...

yeah, him being gone that much sucks! Nate left once for a week...I went to Salt Lake so I wouldn't be lonely, but it still sucked. But hey, for a better job and more money, it's worth it! :)

Thanaglim said...

well congrats!

Codeman said...

That's great about Collin. And him being away won't be as bad as you think. I'm sad I didn't get to say hi to you guys when I was at church a few weeks ago. But I'll see you at Ashley C.'s wedding.

Caroline said...

Comgratulations! I hope everything goes great! You can come to T-town to visit when you are lonely!