Thursday, April 26, 2007

This picture describes how this week has been going

It's not like I'm sick, but I'm just really ... bored.

I'm sick of American Idol and ABC not coming in well on our non-cabled huge TV. I'm sick of doing the same thing everyday and every night. It makes a person really ... tired.

The other day at work, I couldn't stop yawning and said to a co-worker that I couldn't figure out why I'm so tired. Her response was, you're not tired, you're bored.

Don't get me wrong, my job is good, and at times, it's really busy, but this week hasn't been.

I need a vacation, or something different. I could go through my days in my sleep.

Wake up, go to work, take lunch at 12:30 on the dot, get off at 5, get home (if I'm lucky) by 5:40 p.m. Watch Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, make dinner,

Mondays and Wednesdays are Collin's basketball nights, Tuesday and Thursday are stay at home and watch TV nights. I live for weekends, and the weekends are sometimes just as humdrum as the weekdays.

Sundays are get up at 11. Go to church at 1. Keep nursery and come home exhausted at 4:30. Lay around trying to keep from falling asleep because the kids wore us out, but we can't take a nap because it's so late until bedtime.

The only thing I'm looking forward to is to find out if Collin got this job and Jamaica in December. Collin had his last interview Monday, and we're waiting to find out whether or not he got it. The last step is a drug test/background check. He said he felt like it went really well. Last time it took them five days to ask him for another interview, so hopefully we'll hear something tomorrow or Monday.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make life a little more exciting, without spending a ton of cash?


Thanaglim said...

Welcome to the real world of a full-time life. It may seem as though you have no time to yourself but it will get better and I understand completely. That's how I felt in the beginning.

lunar_dusk said...

Yeah, I totally understand too. I totally get pent up and sick of the same old stuff. We play a lot of games. Used to play skip-bo, but now we have Yahtzee, a fun game called Rummikub, card games, etc. It's not that it's especially fun, it's just something to do. We're a five minute walk away from wal-mart...sometimes we walk around there. We have Netflix now, so we're getting into shows such as 24 and it's way cheaper than blockbuster. I can't remember if you like camping, but that's really cheap, once you get the stuff--we got some stuff for our wedding--so we do that. We plan one brand new meal to cook a month, no matter how many ingredients it is...that's fun once a month. lol, I understand, ESPECIALLY when I was answering phones, I was totally hating stuff! And since Collin has basketball 2 nights a week, you should find something like that too?! That was a long comment.

thomasheidisimpson said...

get up at 11 on sunday??? i am still stuck on that one. jealousy mostly.
things i wish i could do
1. take a cooking/dessert class at culinard
2. swim laps at the pool
3. cake decorating at hobby lobby
4. babysit for caroline or valoree(i should get commision for that one)
5. at work i used to play the game "who would you rather kiss" and then think of two revolting people and decide who would be worse.
ex: rosie o'donnell or roseanne barr. (hours of fun)
6. oooh, ooooh, get involved in photography!!!

Valoree said...

You were just so used to going, going, going, all the time that this is different for you. I agree with the other comments. Find something that interest you. A class one night a week or something. I wish I had a little time for myself so enjoy it while you can. :)

ventingzebra said...

Thanks for all the suggestions :)

Don't tell Collin, but I might sign us up for ballroom dancing lessons. He mentioned he thought it'd be fun, even though neither of us can dance.

Caroline said...

Oh poor pitiful Ashley! I can't believe you are saying you need a vacation! Haven't you already had like 12! Like Valoree said-enjoy having the time for yourself! Imagine how bored you will be if Collin gets that job. Maybe make a scrapbook of your honeymoon pictures. You can make those cool books online now. Did you say you are going back to Jamaica in December?

ventingzebra said...

Yep-Jamaica in December. Can't wait.