Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ashley Cole Mowry

My highschool best friend got married this past Sat., May 19th. This is a picture of us at the temple after the sealing. I don't know her husband, Matt, well, but I had the opportunity to go by their apartment before the reception, and just by looking at the way he lives (i.e. he has a tray beside the bed to put his watch in, on the dresser, there are two jars for change; one for quarters only, and another for other change), I could tell they're right for each other. Ashley has always been very neat, tidy, and hates clutter! I wish them the best, and hope to get to know him better before they move at the end of the summer to Pennsylvania and I never see them again!

They asked Kristin to be the photographer, and I helped her, so I walked around with a camera bag and gave her film when she needed it. I'll post more pictures when I get them.

Basketball update: The Ballers won their game last night 61 to 42. Collin scored 15 points, and was VERY happy about the game. In the first (I'd say 7 minutes) of the game, he made 4 out of 5 of his shots. The other team started shouting, "22. Guard 22!" Collin's jersey is #22. He picked it because we were married on the 22nd of Dec. Happy 5 month Anniversary to us today!


Valoree said...

Congrats to Ashley and the Ballers!

Caroline said...

oh my goodness. I can not imagine Chris being that particular about stuff. How were you and Ashley ever friends HAHA! Congrats to them!
Way to go Collin!

Thanaglim said...

how cute...i wanted to take a picture with her too but everyone was leaving so Mark was like you want to leave, you want to leave? So I just left. We didn't stay long at the reception either. We just felt "in the way". Like a tard I didn't hug them either when we walked in the door I figured I already hugged them at the temple why do it again. Then I didn't notice the cake nor did I notice the little sign-in book thingy. I just felt stupid the whole time because of all the stupid things I was doing. They were probably too busy to notice anyway. At least I hope they were.

ventingzebra said...

Oh Kim. They didn't notice! I know what you mean though about "feeling in the way." It was good to see you even if it was for a short time, and I'm sure Ashley was just happy you were there at the sealing. Everything else is always just a blur.

lunar_dusk said...

Yeah Kim, I can't even remember half of the people who were at my reception. There's too many people you have to talk to, to notice stuff like that!

And that is SO cool that she's married and funny they are both a bit compulsive...hehe. I wish we could move to Huntsville so we could SEE people more. :(

Elizabeth said...

Yay! They are married! She looks very happy. :)