Monday, May 21, 2007

The Ballers

I guess I haven't posted about this yet. Collin joined a community basketball league in Hoover. The team he's on is called The Ballers. Tonight is game 7 of 10. Their score as of now is 3 wins, 3 losses. Collin LOVES playing, and looks forward to each game Monday night. He averages about 11 points a game, and his high is 15 in one game. He's actually a pretty good shooter, and just a really enthusiastic player. The whole game, he's runs up and down the court full speed. I've been to every game so far. There have been some disappointing times, like last week, when the team didn't show and forfeited. Hopefully tonight they'll play, and WIN! If you'd like to look up the league, the schedule, and the scores, go to:

You have to go down to Basketball, then men's Monday night basketball to get to the right place. Here's to hoping we win tonight!


Caroline said...

That is so cute! Did he play in highschool?

ventingzebra said...

No, he wishes he had, but only tried out once and didn't make it. If you ask him what his dream job is he'd say a professional basketball player!