Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Collin was lucky enough to be able to pick his start date. He had gone ahead and put in his two weeks notice at Regions before they actually told him when to start, so his last day at work is Friday. He's more than ecstatic about leaving. We got the email yesterday from Jack Henry saying the drug test and background check came back great (what a miracle :) !! I guess they assumed he hadn't put in his notice yet, so they asked him to start either the 21st, 29th, or in June.

Collin chose the 29th. We had planned on going to Kentucky for a wedding Memorial Day weekend anyway, and I had asked off the Friday before that. His reasoning for taking two weeks off before starting the new job was so we could go up to KY early, come back Sunday, and hit up Six Flags on Monday. Memorial and Labor Day are really the best when it comes to no crowds and short wait times.

So, today I went ahead and took Wed. through Fri. off to get a 6 day weekend. I'm glad Collin gets to relax before his new job and all. He does deserve it, but geeze will it be hard to get up to go to work for a week and a half while he lays there in the bed. Wish me luck.


Thanaglim said...

Good luck! We live in Atlanta and we haven't yet been to six flags yet hope you have fun!

Caroline said...

That sounds great! Congratulations!
I guess y'all will miss John Evan's first birthday party!

ventingzebra said...

Aww...too bad. When are you having it?

Valoree said...

It's so hard to get up when the rest of your family doesn't have to. You'll survive! I wish I had 2 weeks off! I so need a vacation!

Caroline said...

next Saturday @ 4pm @ my house