Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day and Shootings

For Mother's Day, we went to church, where the Primary decided to let all the women have a break to get to go to Sunday School and Relief Society by getting men to sub in for nursery classes. What a great idea! If only it had worked.

Collin was there, and two other men were asked to help him with 12 kids! Craziness. I went to Sunday School and then went to check on the class because I wanted to make sure Collin was okay. Well, he wasn't. I walked in and there were just two grown men to 12 kids, at least 3 were screaming. So because I'm the loving, caring wife I am, I skipped Relief Society (that had food btw) to help the class out.

How nice am I?

Other than that, we went over to my parent's house and hung out for about 3 hours.

Last night, I kept whining about having to work while Collin had the week off, but after hearing about the robbery at Wachovia in Bessemer this morning, where two people were killed, and another wounded, i'm glad Collin is safe at home.

Happy Mother's Day to all those I didn't get to see yesterday!


Clint said...

Since I know you are into the vampire books and such, I heard about Twilight and thought you might like it. I haven't read it, so it might suck and it is written for teenagers, but still

Clint said...

Trying again

Caroline said...

oh wow-I didn't hear about the robbery. That is awful!

Men can't handle things like keeping the nursery like women can! Haha!