Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Burdett Park Indiana

We had an eventful trip to Nashville, Kentucky and Atlanta over the past six days. It had its ups and downs, but the important thing is that we were not at WORK. Here's a play by play for those of you who care.

Wednesday: We took off for Nashville, got there around noon, ate at Johnny Rockets at Opry Mills Mall. FYI: They have this burger there with bacon, cheese and onion rings. It was possibly the best burger I have ever had and I'm not a big fan of onion rings. After lunch, we watched Spiderman 3 on the IMAX. I love the IMAX. The movie was okay; very cheesy at parts. After the movie we hit up Dave and Busters (Chucky Cheese for adults) and got into to Madisonville, KY around 9. Called my mom to find out Jordin won American Idol, which I already knew would happen. Not sad about missing THAT finale.

Thursday: Nothing. Really. I can't think of anything we did besides sit around and talk to Collin's grandma, and went to the store to get more chicken for dinner. Mmm chicken and rice.

Friday: Went to see Pirates 3 at the local mall. A VERY long movie, and not a great plot. I LOVE Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow though. It had its good and bad points, which I won't go into. After that we hit up Tumbleweed: Collin's favorite restaurant of all time. It was good. Mmm queso burrito. That night, we played cards. Uno and some other game I don't know the name of.

Saturday: We attempted to go to this place 30 minutes away called Lake Venus. We had gone in August and it's basically a manmade lake with a tower you can jump off of. We got there, and saw a huge sign, saying Lake Venus Closed for 2007 Season. Waaa? So, instead of going back and being bored the rest of the day, Collin talked me into going to Indiana to a water park called Burdett Park. It actually turned out to be really cool and worth the trip. It had 3 pools, two diving boards, five slides: 3 back slides and 2 tube slides. Really fun. Only $6.50 to get in and it wasn't very crowded. When we got back, we got ready for Collin's cousin Brad's wedding and went to it. It was very "Kentuckian" minus Brad didn't marry his cousin. But other than that, all stereotypes apply.

Sunday: Church, lunch and left to Georgia.

Monday: Six Flags! Total of 17 rides: 4 Goliath, 2 Batman, 1 Superman, 2 Acrophobia, and more. Fun and tiring: all that Six Flags was meant to be!

If you'd like to see Wedding Pictures copy and paste these links into your web browser. You can save the pictures to your desktop if you'd like some of them by left clicking and hitting "Save As" Enjoy!


Thanaglim said...

hmmm...sounds boring in the beginning and then very fun in the end

we were in PA for the weekend.

lunar_dusk said...

It sounds like you ate a lot of good food this weekend like us. I gained 5 lbs. :( I hope you had better luck!

Water park sounds totally fun!

ventingzebra said...

Yeah, I expected to gain five pounds, but I only gained 2. Yay!

Valoree said...

sounds like a good time. I didn't even go out of town and I gained a few pounds. I'm blamming the good dirt cake and b'day cake we had at John Evan's party. Hey! I did it for him!

Rod Stiffins said...

Sounds like a time. I am sure some of the details of a Kentucky wedding would have made a great blog.

Elizabeth said...

Girl, those pictures are incredible! I REALLY like the pictures out by the temple with you and Collin in the dark and the temple all lit up. You looked stunning in those pictures! That close up of you! Gosh, those pictures are just so beautiful!

Caroline said...

Y'all are always going somewhere! Glad y'all had a good and safe trip!