Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Driving Dunk

Yesterday Collin had a meeting at work to inform everyone of an accident a coworker had over the weekend. Apparently this man, his wife and their infant daughter were in Pensacola, Fla. and were stopped at a traffic light. A drunk driver hit them going 80 mph. He didn't even attempt to slow down. The wife suffered a broken pelvis (I feel her there). The man passed out and was taken to the hospital, unsure of complications he may have had. The infant daughter died (I can't even attempt to know how that feels). The man who hit them was taken to jail. Everytime I see someone drink in a restaurant and know that they'll be driving, chills run through my body. People. Come on! How hard is it to call a cab, or ask for a ride home?

And did everyone hear about the ride in Louisville that snapped a cable and cut off a 13-year-old's feet at her ankles? If not go here.


Collin and I rode this very ride last August. Crazy!


Thanaglim said...

How sad! and I know exactly how you feel. Mark and I went to a restaurant at this restaurant was a whole family and they kept the drinks coming. I don't know who the driver was but i know everyone drunk something and the majority you could tell was drunk. I was glad we weren't finished eating when they left the thought of being on the road at the same time, man! I told Mark that if you are a server then you need to ask who the driver is and make sure not to serve then alcohol even if they ask and if they don't like it go somewhere else.

Yeah, I told Mark that we weren't going to the amusement park quite yet.

Caroline said...

Oh Ashley-both of those stories are just horrible! I am so sick of hearing all the bad things -not just on the news but to people we actually come in contact with or know. So sad!

Valoree said...

That is very sad. I can't even imagine what they are going through. You just never know...your life can change in a second!