Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tourny Win

So I go to Collin's basketball game Monday night, and all the girls and I are on the sidelines SECRETLY hoping they will lose because well, that would mean the end of Monday night basketball, and while we love our men dearly, we're sick of it taking up our girly time. So we're all sitting there watching them in the first half down by like 14 points. They had lost to this team prior by only 1 point, so there were some people who wanted to see them win. They finally got up to score with them, and the rest of the game was tight. Long story short, The Ballers won by two points and it was the most exciting basketball game so far. I even yelled and cheered and stuff. They have another game Monday, and if they lose, that's it for The Ballers. Collin will be devestated, but they're playing the #1 team in the tourny, so the outcome is pretty much written in stone. And Collin, you still have Wednesday night basketball at church.

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Caroline said...

Oh wow! Congrats to Collin and way to go Ashley for supporting him!