Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Ballers Round 2

Collin started another 10 game league last week. Their games are still on Monday night, but they are no longer playing at Spain Park High School, which is close to our apartment. They are now playing at Berry Middle School which is further away and old. So far they are 2 wins/0 losses. Collin hasn't been doing as well personally as last league, but he feels their overall team will do better. Last time he averaged I believe 15 points a game. This time, he's at a low 6 points a game. We're both hoping he'll be able to pick it up. Most of the same people are on the team, but they did add 3 new players that have helped significantly. I told Collin I wouldn't make as many games as last time, but so far I've been to them all, including the one two weeks ago that was a "practice" game and didn't count.

Update on my eye. I went to the doctor Saturday, and he said everything looks good. He said I'm going to have a scar on my cornea, but it shouldn't effect my vision, and you can only see it with a microscope. It's not visible to the human eye. The downside is he's making me wait another 2 weeks before allowing me to wear contacts again. He wants to make sure the swelling goes completely down before writing a prescription because the swelling could effect my vision. So I'm still 4-eyes for another two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's better to wait and be sure than to hurt your eye even more. I'm sure you look cute with your glasses.