Thursday, September 06, 2007


I promised more details, and here they are:

Our guide's name was Dr. Doom because he busted his front teeth out while swimming down the rapids years ago, and a friend of his said he was "doomed." The nickname has stuck ever since. This man was fearless! As were all of the guides.

We spent 6 hours on the river and went down the Olympic Rapids, which are DUH, used for the Olympics. We only had 4 people in our raft, as opposed to 6 like most of the other rafts, and we almost capsized in the Olympic section. At lunch the other guides told our guide he was crazy for taking us through that part of the rapids with only 4 people. We were lucky we didn't fall out. Apparently the bottom of this man-made section has enough concrete to go from here to the moon, and if you hit it, the water has a washing machine effect, and the concrete will grate your skin up (or so we were told.)

Our guide kept calling Collin "Colin" like the body part. It got annoying.

The couple with us was from Florida, in their 40's, not married, no kids, and love to do crazy stuff all the time like ski in Colorado, ride motorcycles, and of course, white water raft. They had been in May and liked it so much they came back.

While introducing myself as working at a law firm, I was asked if I were an attorney. Do I look like I could be an attorney? I hope I don't look old enough to have gone through that much schooling!

The day included lunch, which was normally grilled food, but someone had stolen the trailor with the grill in it the night before, so we had sandwiches. They were gross, but not completely intolerable.

No one in our raft fell out, and at some parts where it was safe, we jumped out and let the current sweep us down the river. The water was VERY cold.

We ate at some really good restaurants: a Japanese Steakhouse (our cook was really old and only did very minimal tricks that I think I could do) and Oliver's (an exceptionally nice italian restaurant).

Our hotel was really nice aside from the extremely high-pitched buzz the TV made when turned on. I unplugged one of the lamps and put it on top of the TV to make it stop. It only worked part of the time. We stayed at Hampton Inn.

We didn't want to go home, and we want to go back.


Caroline said...

I am CRACKING up over the "Colin" thing!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! Especially the eating part! Ya'll are always doing fun stuff!