Friday, November 02, 2007


I am such a picture-stealer. I really thought that once we got a computer at home that I'd post more pictures, but um, I'm never home.

Anyway, I stole this beautiful picture of my new niece, Kaitlyn Nell Stowe from Val's blog. Thanks Valoree! She was born Tuesday morning to my sister, Elizabeth and her husband, Brad. This is their second daughter. Shelby, their first, never really talks to me, mostly because whenever I'm around, she has her cousins to play with. When I walked in the hospital room Tuesday to visit, I immediately started talking to Elizabeth, but Shelby said, "Ashley, come see my little sister, Kaitlyn." It was so cute. I had no idea she could talk that well, or that she even knew my name! I'm glad to know that even if I'm not around a lot, my nieces and nephews still know who I am.

Elizabeth told me that Shelby still calls me "The Princess" and Collin "The Missionary" from when we got married. She thought I looked like a princess in my wedding dress and that Collin looked like a missionary in his tux. Too Cute!

In other news, Monday night the Ballers had a celebratory dinner at O'Charley's for the end of the season. The good news (for me, not Collin) is that they only have two leagues a year, not four, like originally thought, so we will be basketball free until April (if you don't count watching it on TV and when Collin plays on Wednesday nights at church). My point=Monday nights are free again! We also had the final walk through at our house. Everything looked good.

Tuesday, we closed on our house and Kaitlyn was born. Then it was church for both of us (YW and Scouts) and we dropped some stuff off at the house.

Wednesday was Halloween so we weren't home that night. We were out and about making caramel apples, watching scary movies and eating dinner in our costumes. Collin and I both dressed up for work. I was a Kentucky Cheerleader and Collin was a Kentucky Basketball player. I hope to post pictures soon, but now you know why I don't have time.

Thursday night we worked at the temple, and tonight I'm going to a party at Mary's house and then back to Birmingham to buy paint supplies, and Saturday Rebecca and Steven are kind enough to volunteer to help us paint! Thanks guys!

Sunday is General Conference (Yay no 1 p.m. church!) and then to my parent's house for lunch. I'm looking forward to it! Busy, busy, busy.


Anonymous said...

Whew! What a busy week! All good stuff though!

lunardusk said...

you guys could play player games of some sort together.... teehee.

Caroline said...

Busy girl! I know how you feel!
I can't wait to hold that sweet baby again!

Debbie said...

i wonder what kind of games sarah is talking about? ;-)

I remember when my brother and his wife had their first son. I was away at school, so I didn't get to see him very often, so it was definitely fun whenever he got old enough that he could remember me even if he hadn't seen me for a while. It's a great feeling, isn't it?