Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

I can't believe I just turned 24! Thanks everyone for making it special by all the birthday wishes. I had a fantastic day. Collin and his parents got together to give me a jewelry set. It's a pair of earrings and matching necklace with diamonds and an antique feel. I absolutely love them! I will post pictures soon!

Other than that, Collin went above and beyond by getting Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast, brought me flowers at work on his lunch break, took me to Shogun (Japanese steakhouse) for dinner, surprising me by having Rebecca and Steven there to join us, we all went to a movie and to top it all off! Midnight cookie cake from the Cookie Company.

Thanks Collin! You made turning 24 a blast!

On other news, I had a job interview on my birthday. I was offered the job and will start in two weeks. There are of course positives and negatives, but way more positives to turn down the opportunity. Everyone at my current employment has been so supportive, and that meant a lot to me. The weird thing is that I interviewed for the job I have now on my birthday last year. WEIRD! I think it means something.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Sorry we keep playing phone tag. That's great about the job. I hope it all works out for you! Let's not make this a habbit of changing jobs every year.:) I knew Collin would do great for your b'day. He always does!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!! So glad you had such a great day, and kudos to you for a new job! Very excited for you.

Thanaglim said...

hey thank you ashley for your comments...i appreciate it. I've been thinking about you and how much i miss your laugh. I always thought you were such a cutie!

Debbie said...

Good luck!! Where will you be working? Glad you had a great birthday! Cookie cake- yum!

Aubrey & Cheyenne Martin said...

Did somebody say cookie cake? I can't believe that you're only four years younger than me. Why does it seem like such a larger gap? Hope it works out with the interview. Is it by chance a journalism-related job?