Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I've never been grateful that wind and rain knocked out a satellite. Mark your calendars because tonight, for the first time, I'm thankful for the weather's effect on my home's source of cable. I just began reading Twilight.

My sister, Caroline, has been telling me how much I would enjoy this book. She would call me and say that every time she picked up the novel, which she was reading for her book club, she thought of me.

I've always been oddly fascinated by vampires, and it seems that I am not alone. One, Stephanie Meyer, is also so fascinated by these mythical creatures that she dreamt, and even wrote a trilogy about one in particular.

50-odd pages in I feel like I could have written this book. I love everything about it so far and have never been more inspired than I am now to write a book of my own, published or not. Every time I read a book I like, I resume the rest of my life walking around with a narrator in my head like Will Ferrell in "Stranger than Fiction," except unlike Will, I know who the author of these words are: me!

The first thing I did after putting the book down for the evening (of course after making a batch of no bake cookies) was come to the computer and read up on Stephanie Meyer. I am surprised and pleased to know there is a movie coming out.

Now that I know I want to write, what should I write about? Maybe I should finish reading this trilogy first, or maybe this fire I have will burn out by then.

The only thing I know is that no type of "office" job is going to fulfill me. I've not felt even a mere 5 seconds of the type of excitement I feel right now in any office.

I'm tired of bringing others' entrepreneurial dreams to life. It's my turn.

Thank you Caroline for giving me this book for my birthday! If I don't let myself down by lazily putting off writing, it will be a gift remembered!


cleverscreenname said...

Yeah, I've read the Twilight books. They are addicting, but sometimes I get frustrated with Bella for acting, well, like a teenaged girl.

Ashley said...

Come on. Don't you remember what it's like to be a teenage girl? :)

Anonymous said...

Wow...you sound...inspired! Good for you! Maybe I'll have to read those books one of these days. Good luck with your book!

Caroline said...

YAY! YAY! YAY! I am so glad I could inspire you! HaHA!
Glad you like the book so far! Let me know what you think at the end. I just finished #3 and CAN'T WAIT for #4!
I agree with Clint that Bella got on my nerves some, but Edward oh Edward! Yum!
You should totally right a book! You are so talented! Keep that fire burning!

lunardusk said...

YES! Twilight rocks!!!!! And yes, Bella is really annoying sometimes, but again, the whole teenage girl thing. I'm so obsessed with these books--we should totally talk about them when you're done with all 3. :)

Thanaglim said...

i need to read them...i've heard about them but i haven't actually gone to get one

Debbie said...

That would be awesome if you wrote a book! especially if you feel so strongly about it... sorry that I can't give you any ideas on what to write about though. coming up with a topic was always the hardest part for me when i had to write stuff in school.

Brittany & Noah said...

Hey Girl!!!
So i found you on here from Debbie's page! and i decided to make one myself, i put as a fav :D

You know i've almost bought this series i don't know how many times, but then i kept telling myself, no...
But now You have inspired me to read them! So I'll be thinking of you the whole time i read :)

and Homegirl you already know you've got the skillz :P
So Go ahead! keep that Fire Burnin' :D

Love ya!


p.s. When are you and collin gonna hop on the baby train? lol the whistles are calling... and You're stop is coming up ;) lol