Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shania Twain...wise woman

(FYI: picture above is NOT Shania Twain!)

I had the opportunity to read an article about why Shania Twain disappeard for 5 years. I saw her on the cover of Redbook recently and thought to myself, "Where has she been?"

I'm not a huge huge fan of her, but come on, hers was the first concert I ever went to and I just remember thinking, "I'm so far up here I have to watch the big screen because I can't even see her. I may as well be at home watching her on the television." And from that moment on, I've never been a big fan of concerts.

While I was reading, I stumbled upon maybe one of the greatest quotes regarding women ever. I wish I could find the exact quote. After all, I am a journalism major and love to get things accurate, but I'll have to paraphrase.

She was talking about how strong women are and she said we don't choose to be, we HAVE to be. She was speaking about how in the past women were put down and told that they are not capable of more than being a wife and a mother. Now, women are expected to be everything: to have careers and be a Supermom. We're expected to get an education and use our talents, but then when we begin to have families, are we supposed to put half effort into our careers and our families, or are we supposed to sacrifice our careers (which we've put so much into to get where we are) to give our whole effort to our families, or the opposite?

No women don't choose to be strong. We have to be.

One of the most popular questions I've been asked lately about my new job is if it's related to journalism. I wish it were, but I think one of the reasons I haven't whole-heartedly pursued the journalistic path is because of how hard it is to get into. I could very easily take an entry-level reporter's position making $8 an hour just to get my foot in the door and work my way up to possibly work at The Birmingham News one day. But what if I have a child in one to five years? Then I've spent a few years making close to nothing and then all my progress gets thrown away.
One of my rationalizations is that I may as well make as much money as I can now to save for when I'm not working anymore, when we have children. I'm just so grateful my parents saved me from the debt of college, but how many moms are out there who have student loans and have never worked a day in her life? I understand that knowledge is important and has a purpose far greater than wealth. I am also very grateful that women are now free to be anything they want.

I think I'll be happy at this new job. I think journalism prepares you for all types of communications. It has made me very qualified for many different types of work. I'm excited for the possibility of staying home with my children one day. Even knowing all of this, the fact stays the same.

Sorry if that was all over the place. It's just been on my mind for awhile.


Caroline said...

Wow, that was deep!
I agree, we HAVE to be strong!

lunardusk said...

Yeah, I agree with the job thing and working to get ahead then leaving to be a mom. With my job, I've worked only 2 years to build a band program (had 13 kids last year, and now have over 30!) but...I'm having a kid! I wanted to see how big I could make it--I may still get to do that though, we'll see.

Caroline said...

BTW, as many concerts as you have been to I never would have guessed that you didn't like them!

Debbie said...

Yeah, it seems like women are always struggling to be whatever society thinks they should be. I was watching TV the other day, and a woman made a comment like women are made to feel guilty if they choose to pursue their career instead of having children right away or something to that effect. I thought to myself that people also make women feel guilty for staying at home and NOT pursuing a career. It seems like no matter which way you go, there is going to be criticism. It's like you said- we're expected to be supermoms and do it all. I have a nursing degree, and for some reason, if I tell people that I'm staying at home instead of working as a nurse, I feel like that's not enough, that I'm not doing enough. Then I have to remind myself that it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. I know what the most important thing is, and that is my child. It's still hard though because I have internal struggles as well feeling like there is more that I should be doing with my life.

and to answer your question on my blog, our house is 3 bedrooms. We've been in it almost a year and a half. It seemed right for us at the time that we bought it, but we also knew that we wouldn't be in it for a long period of time because we'll need more space as our family grows, and it is on a busy road (which isn't suitable for children).

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your note and being concerned. My appointment is at 1:45 tomorrow, I will make a full report on the blog. I am hurting pretty good, but I am ok. Aleve is my friend. :)

Richard said...