Wednesday, March 05, 2008


I've broken down and began writing my book. I came up with an idea and ran with it. All the kinks of the story line are not worked out yet, but I'm just really proud of myself for going this far. I've tried writing before, but couldn't seem to get past a few paragraphs or at the most a few pages. I've officially finished the first chapter, which is approximately 5 1/2 pages or 2600 words, if that means anything to you. My goal is to have it around 300 pages. At the rate I'm going, I would expect this endeavor to take me anywhere from 6 months to 2 years to finish.

Here goes nothing!

In other news, the sister missionaries just left. We had them over for dinner. It was really good. They're sweet girls. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. I'm accompanying the Assistant Vice President to a trade show, which basically means field trip! A day out of the office and a change of scenery, woohoo.

Temple tommorrow night and then it's Friday. Weeks really do fly by when you keep looking for the weekend. I can't believe it's already almost Easter. Crazy!


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Anonymous said...

Good job on the book thing. Good luck with that! Can't wait to read it! I could never do anything like that!

lunardusk said...

yay for writing!!! Keep it up!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Woot woot!! So excited for you! :)

Debbie said...

Congrats on getting started! Good luck!

Caroline said...

Can you tell us what it is about? Can't wait to see you for Easter!