Friday, April 18, 2008

Popularity Spoils Everything

I love, love, love Chick-fil-A. I think the obsession stems from many different things, but mostly, I like to blame Collin (of course!).

When we first met, Collin had participated in the Grand Opening of two different Chick-fil-A's around Birmingham. If you've never heard of this event, let me explain the coolness. When a new Chick-fil-A opens, they give the first 100 people who sign up to spend the night the night before the opening in the parking lot 52 free #1 Combo meals!

That's like $300 worth of meals. For pretty much the entire time we dated, we ate at Chick-fil-A. Some of my friends made fun of him for this because it seems really cheap, but I hated it when he spent money no me. I couldn't do anything about it because I was extremely poor (just ask my roommates), so I loved using these coupons.

Also, their chicken is just so fresh and so good. In the last few months, two stores have opened around Birmingham. We planned on attending both (come on it's a no brainer-104 free meals!) When Collin did this in the past, he said he got there by 8 p.m. the night before and was able to make the list.

The one in January filled up before 4 p.m. and the one this past Wednesday filled up by 11 a.m.! This is craziness. I was so disappointed. Not only do you get these free meals, but throughout the night, they give you free drinks, chicken nuggets and other food items.

Chick-fil-A is now the number 2 chicken fast food chain in America. I don't know who number 1 is so don't ask. As I'm writing this post, I realize I'm making things worse by posting this because I bet most of you reading out there didn't know about these events either, but now you do, and you'll be beating me to the next opening.

Oh well.


lunardusk said...

we don't have chick-fil-a. it makes me sad

Elizabeth said...

Schiffler posted about this very thing on his website some time ago, I didn't know about it until then.
And thanks for your note!! :)

Anonymous said...

That's so funny. I had no idea about that about you and Collin and your early dating days. It doesn't surprise me at all though. So something ya'll would do. I love some Chick-fil-a, too. In fact, I'm really hungry right now and could really go for some waffle fries dipped in a mayo/ketchup combo or a chicken biscuit. Yum! Thanks Ashley for the craving!

Debbie said...

I didn't know they did that! I don't think we'll be competing for the same Chick-fil-A's though ;-) Oh and Chick-fil-A is definitely NOT cheap (for fast food!) I'm all about free food, too!