Sunday, July 13, 2008


The last entry of us parasailing was the first week of June when my parents took our entire family to Panama City for a family vacation. We had a blast! We went parasailing with my dad, sister Caroline and nephew, Chandler. It's something I'd wanted to do for a very, very long time and I was glad we did it. In addition to playing TONS of Uno and eating too many oreos (I think we, as a family, went through around 5 boxes of them that week), we enjoyed the ocean, daunted over our nieces and nephews, went go-carting, put-put golfing, pirate cruised, rented wave runners, and went out to eat a lot. Here are a few pictures from the beach.

The people that made it all possible (my Mom and Dad).

The thrill seekers (aka parasailers). Look how excited Collin is! His face says a thousand words. FYI, Chandler had a BAD sunburn and that's why we look like we don't like eachother. I swear, we really do. Or at least, I like him. He's 12 so there's no telling what's going on on his side :)
Just a little info on this trip. I called to find out information on parasailing multiple times before committing to it, and the only information they gave us was the pricing and how many feet of rope we'd get with that price. What happened was we had to ride on a banana float out to the parasailing boat, and when we got out there, the boat was extremely rough. My dad dry-heaved a little on the boat before we were done. On the boat, the guy helping us get suited up only had one leg and didn't tell us anything about what to expect. Caroline kept referring to is as "Wam, Bam, Thank you Ma'am," because of the lack of information and direciton. It made it even more fun and even more worth the $60 a person fee.

Me and a pirate on the pirate cruise.

Collin belly flopping it into the pool at the rental house.

My nieces, Sydney and Shelby, and nephew, John Evan, playing in the sand.


Wave Runnering

Water fountain at the put-put golf course.

Collin with our niece, Kaitlyn. I absolutely LOVE seeing him hold children and interacting with them. He's come a long way since holding his first baby ever, our nephew John Evan, but still gets a little nervouse. Can you tell he's really stiff in this picture?

If you remember, I was the Girls Camp Ward director, and this beach trip was the same week as Girls Camp, so I did all the planning and pre-camp campout and fundrasier and missed camp. I heard it went well, and I was not missed, so I feel very grateful to have gone on this family vacation knowing I was not needed at camp and that I had done enough planning for it to go well without me.

Over 4th of July weekend we went to Chattanooga. I will try and post about that another day. Also, today I got a new calling at church. This is my 5th in a year and a half in the Hoover Ward. Collin has also had 5. I will announce what it is after I am called and set apart at church next Sunday. In the meantime, any guesses?

I have mixed feelings about going through so many callings in such a short time. Here are my two trains of thoughts:

1. I must be doing a bad job so they keep moving me around until I get something I do well.


2. They (I don't know why 'they' is-general authorities maybe? I've heard in relief society for sure) say when you get a calling you don't generally like it and you are not usually prepared for it, and then when you come to terms with it or begin to feel comfortably, you will be released and given something that will challenge you. If this is true to my callings, I must master them really quickly! :)

I like the second reasoning better than the first. Even though we go through ward callings like good candy, we've kept the temple worker callings, so you know we're still being challenged by that one!

In case you're curious, here are the callings we've had in the year and a half we've been married.
Temple Worker
Scouts Leader
Elders Quorum Teacher
One on One Priesthood Teacher with a young man in his 20's with autism and down syndrome.

Temple Worker
Young Women's Secretary
Young Women's Ward Camp Director
New Calling


Elizabeth said...

Primary chorister! And those beach pictures look so great...I am moving out next week, so I will probably see you every once in a while when at the temple or in Birmingham...

heidi said...

i have had three callings since we moved here in january! we are in the same boat!
my guess is...enrichment commitee.

Anonymous said...

Glad to finally see a new post. Richard calls that pose of you and Collin on the beach, the "prom pose". Glad ya'll got to go, too!

Calling guess...2nd counselor in Primary. Maybe I need to hurry up and master my calling so I can be released:)

Caroline said...

great post! I am still cracking up about the "wam bam thank you mam"!
I totally forgot to mention on my blog about the oreos and Uno. I have never done so much of both of those in my whole life!
Wow- that is a lot of callings! My guess is Relief Society!