Monday, July 14, 2008


One of the reasons we went to Tennessee over the 4th of July weekend was to go tubing down the Hiwassee River. Last year we went white water rafting down the Ocoee and had a good time. I thought maybe this would be a 1 to 2 hour trip and didn't even think about how cold the water might be because it was July, and the south in July is generally unbearable. Collin is obsessed with pictures, so we went out of the way to buy a digital water camera from Walmart for $20. We had to wait quite a while after signing up to go because we didn't have reservations. Once they were ready to take us to the river they loaded about 15 of us up on a flatbed truck. We stood in the bed while swerving up a mountain on windy roads. When we got to the spot where we are supposed to get into the water, there are no instructions given except if you get too cold you can walk the first two miles along the river on the railroad tracks.

The water was cold, but after the first half hour it was bearable and we enjoyed ourselves and took goofy pictures. About halfway through we started getting to the rapidy parts of the river. I was terrified of getting knocked out of my tube. Not because it was cold or because I didn't want to get wet. I love the water! The reason is because underneath the rapid water are large, sharp rocks. I didn't want to get beat up on those. Can you tell I was frightened?

At one point, I lost the digital camera and one of my flip flops to the raging waters. I was VERY upset about the camera, and the end result was paying a fortune for these four pictures taken by one of the rafting companies from the shore.

3 1/2 hours of me, not Collin, drifting to the shore and getting beat up by trees because we didn't have any paddles, we got back to our car and drove soaking wet the hour back to our hotel.

Overall it was a good trip, and of course, Collin had a blast!


Caroline said...

Y'all are FULL of adventure! The one time I did anything like that I got TOTALLY beat up and we ended up still in the water after dark-talk about scary!

Elizabeth said...

First off, how totally cool! If you are ever in Arizona, go tubing on the Salt River, totally fun, the water is nice if you go starting in June, and it is either 5-8 hours, depending on where you start...I think, it's been a year since I have done it, totally fun... answer your questions, I will be working at Jason Stevens office again and I am not 100% sure where I am living, but probably with Rachel...the Stevens are taking me in when I first get out until I find something permanent that fits in my budget...and my budget is quite small...I keep hoping someone will let me do a trade with them for a place to live, but that's called dreaming...:)

Anonymous said...

That really doesn't sound like fun to me at all but looks like ya'll enjoyed it! Ya'll are always doing cool things! You do look scared!

Debbie said...

Man, you guys are always doing all kinds of fun things!