Monday, August 11, 2008

Vampires and Other Dark Things

Wow, I know right now you're wishing you could be as cool as me.
So right now I'm procrastinating (surprise!) writing some articles that are due Thursday. I'm halfway done, but only halfway. For those of you I have not told yet, I've finally gotten the tip of my foot in the doorway of the freelance writing world. I've been really excited about it, but right this moment, it feels a bit like homework.
Instead of writing, I've been looking at like I usually do, but this time I've been listening to the playlists she posted in correlation to the books she's written. I'm in love with her taste in music as it correlates very strongly with my own. That may be one of the reasons I relate so much to her writing. She writes while listening to music that inspires her. I have no idea how she does this. I get distracted too easily.
I was sitting here listening to "Hate Me" by Blue October and there's this line, "Crawling like a cockroach, leaving babies in my bed," and I look over and wouldn't you know it? A dead cockroach belly up in the corner of my computer room. It was wild.
Thanks for listening to the unsystematic thoughts running through my mind. I am now going to try and focus on the task at hand as Collin was kind enough to excuse me from his first basketball game of the season to stay home and write.

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Anonymous said...

That's awesome that you are writing. No, you have not told me yet. What are you doing? I LOVE that song...used to be my ring tone. Such a fun song to sing. Chandler has it on sing star on his play station! I would love to borrow your book when your MIL gets done with it.