Thursday, September 25, 2008


I’ve spent most of this week contemplating how I can post about this past weekend without sounding too SSB (Seriously So Blessed), but decided that it truly was one of the best weekends ever and to just give in. If you don’t know what Seriously So Blessed is, I encourage you to visit this website,, if you’re good about laughing at yourself. It’s a made up blog that pokes fun at the Mormon Young Married/Stay-At-Home Mom blogging phenomenon.

The first reason last weekend was awesome is because of the Jim Gaffigan show Friday night.

Our friends, Kristin (pregnant and so cute! I promise we didn’t match on purpose) and Chase were given Jim Gaffigan tickets as a graduation gift from Kristin’s brother. The show was at the Alabama Theater in Birmingham and was a gorgeous venue. Collin and I didn’t have tickets, but I talked him into joining me as I planned to venture down there and buy tickets knowing they would be bad seats. I wanted to see the show and that way we could avoid the ticketmaster surcharges.

When we got to the venue, they only had a few seats left and they were all the way in the back of the balcony. We were going to get them, but the cashier told us they only took cash.

Who carries that much cash these days?

There was an ATM inside the venue and we didn’t mind using it because our bank automatically refunds ATM fees so I went and grabbed some cash. By the time I got back several other people bought tickets. Collin went up to buy some and she said it was our lucky day because they just released floor seats. Don’t ask me how that works. I still don’t understand. For the same price, we got floor seats and they were perfect! Not too close, not too far, perfect.

I thanked the cashier for not taking cash.

When we were shown our seats, Kristin immediately called me on my cell phone and asked how we got better seats than her and Chase. They’d had their tickets since May and were several rows behind us!

The show itself was absolutely hilarious! About ¾ of the show was new material and I laughed so hard, tears ran down my face and I almost hyperventilated from not being able to catch my breath. Sometimes, I seriously think Jim Gaffigan tailors his jokes just for me because I always relate to or agree with everything he says. This is one of my favorite things he said, but it’s not as funny without hearing him say it.

“It’s always hard to admit to people when you’ve spent all day in bed. Sorry I’m late everyone, I didn’t get out of bed until 5 p.m.”

“What are you sick?”

“No, I was in heaven.”

We didn’t stand in line to meet him after the show since we’d both met him once before and we were starving because we hadn’t had dinner yet. So we took a picture with this poster instead.

Afterward, Kristin and Chase had to hurry and go to Memphis for a soccer tournament he was coaching, so we said goodbye and Collin and I went down to Five Points to eat at Mellow Mushroom. We hardly ever go down there because we’re not UAB students and it’s quite a drive from our side of town, but I forgot how fun of an atmosphere it is there. It made me miss college life.

I was going to post about our entire weekend in one post, but now that I see how long just this one is, I’ve decided to break it up in segments. More to come…


Katy said...

I discovered Jim Gaffigan this summer while visiting my family. He is so funny. I can't believe that there is more to your good weekend. Can't wait to hear about it!!

Caroline said...

YAY! A cute pregnant picture! Thanks for posting that!
I told Chris I want to see a comedian for our anniversary. Where shoud we go and who should we see?

Anonymous said...

That sounds so fun. I don't really know his comedy at all but if you enjoyed it, I'm sure I would and that sleep joke is so you! Thanks for posting that precious picture of cute little pregnant Kristen! You look like you've lost weight by the way!