Monday, September 08, 2008

Coke Mountain

“You’re buying a house?”

“Yes, I’m very excited.”

“Where is it?”

“Off Highway 119.”

“Is that Oak Mountain School District?”


“You know they call that school Coke Mountain don’t you?”

Collin and I love our neighborhood. It’s in a very convenient location and Collin graduated from Oak Mountain High School, which he enjoyed very much. I hadn’t paid much attention to the school’s nickname, thinking, if I could go to school at Central High (think metal detectors and girls having babies in bathrooms), surely my future children can survive.

Last night Collin and I were spending a quiet evening at home when we heard police cars driving by with their sirens on. We looked out the window and there were two police cars parked across the street and one of our neighbors was standing in his driveway with his hands up in the air. They searched his car. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but we’re thinking drug bust. Needless to say, we aren’t thrilled about that happening right across the street.

In other more positive news, I got to see four college friends of mine and spend some time with them this weekend. Friday night, my old roommate Kristin and her husband, Chase were in town for a soccer game Chase was coaching and spent the night with us. Saturday I drove to Huntsville with a college friend now living in Atlanta to see another college friend visiting her parents in Huntsville, but she currently lives in Arizona. And I got to meet her son. He was so cute and I wish I had pictures to post, but I don’t.

While I was in Huntsville, Collin went to Atlanta to help his best friend move into an apartment there. He just got a job. Collin is very excited because his friend was previously living in Texas, so as you can see, Atlanta is much, much closer. Collin loved visiting Atlanta and said it makes Birmingham look like a joke. Birmingham is still plenty big for me.

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