Monday, October 13, 2008

As Promised

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip to Chicago. Collin's would be different and would include pictures of where the Cubs play and where Michael Jordan played for years and if you would enjoy seeing those, it's too bad Collin doesn't post...ever, even though I've given him the password and told him he could any time he felt the desire. And also, if you'd rather see those pictures than what I'm about to share, well then, you're reading the wrong blog.

Famous Ginos East pizza eatery.

Mmmm...deep dish pizza.

So whenever Collin and I go out to eat, I always order water and end up drinking half of whatever soft drink Collin orders. You can see why we end up going through twice as many drinks. Our waiter earned a spot in my heart early on by just bringing us a pitcher of cherry coke. Tip well earned!

My favorite thing about Chicago was Navy Pier. It was sort of a year-round carnival and they had a bunch of people dressed up in Halloween costumes. Here's a picture of a man dressed up as a monkey and the accordian playing man, um, peddler, I guess you call them? The monkey-guy did a great job.


What we'll look like after we're dead.
Ferris wheel. Inside each car, they had loud speakers and had ghost stories playing. They were kind of cheesy, but I got really excited about it.
I got roped by this woman. I'm not sure what she was supposed to be.
Chicago sky/lake line from the John Hancock building

It was a Saturday and these people were taking wedding pictures in the middle of the median. Who wouldn't take a picture of that?

This guy called himself the Tin Man. He moved around and made noises like a robot. So entertaining! I liked him way better than the countless people standing on the street asking for change. He was working for his money.

Atop Sears Tower


Anonymous said...
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learn chinese said...
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Elizabeth said... have crazy people posting comments on your blog, methinks...

Anyways, I LOVE the pictures, but being a baseball fan I would just LOVE to see pictures of where the Cubs play...ahem...AHEM...Collin!!...

Caroline said...

Thanks for keeping your promise! The pictures are awesome! You are so much fun!

Barnes Family said...

so fun! you know matt and robyn just moved to chicago in august. i want to go sometime while they're there cause i like big cities and stuff. i'll have to talk to you if we plan a trip cause you seem to know lots of cool places to go. was a deep dish pizza really good? i suppose that's what they're famous for. i also didn't realize their "coast" was so gorgeous! oh and your hotel was super crazy fancy...we wouldn't have that.

amrocks! said...

I am so excited to go to Chicago! I'm glad you guys had so much fun!

The Grays: said...

Wow, what a great trip! It looks like you had an awesome time and you guys look great...By the way, the lesson was wonderful today!-San