Monday, October 06, 2008


We had a lot of fun in Chicago this past weekend. We did a lot in the two days we were there and I am both sore from walking everywhere and tired from, well, walking everywhere. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous historical hotel we stayed at (beds were bliss), the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago.

Here’s a list of things we did. My favorite was Navy Pier and I’ll try and post more details about that with pictures later. We didn’t have too much time to eat nice sit down dinners which is too bad because I’ve heard great things about Chicago restaurants, but I did make an effort to not buy or consume anything I could have gotten in Birmingham.

-Sears Tower

-John Hancock Tower

-Shopping and Walking around Millennium Mile

-Navy Pier (farris wheel, fireworks, dance team, Halloween-themed atmosphere)

-Cab Rides

-Dinner at Ginos East (Chicago style deep-dish pizza you have to eat with a fork)

-7/11 Slurpee

-Cheese infused pretzel

-Dinner at local diner served to us by a Ukraine waitress

-Breakfast at a corner bakery

-Hard Rock Café

-Six Flags over Chicago/Fright Fest

-Walking, walking and more walking


Kristin said...

Sounds like you guys had a blast. I want to see more pics than just the hotel you got sooooo cheap!!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip. I bet it was too short and you're sad to be back...

Sarah said...

Ohh, the Palmer House IS nice. Lucky! Sounds like you had fun. I love Ginos pizza too--is that the one that has all the writing all over everything? I want to go to Chicago!!!

Caroline said...

That hotel looks awesome! Are you still sore from all that walking? Can't wait to hear more about your trip. I'm so glad y'all get to do fun stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

That hotel looks awesome! I want to see more pictures and hear more details!