Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Last weekend Collin and I went to Huntsville for Kristin Layton's baby shower. We got there Friday night and went to Huntsville's Haunted Corn Maize (no, I didn't misspell maze; for some reason they spell it like that). I'd never been through a corn maze before and thought it would be cool. Well it was!

We got there around 10 p.m. and I was so worried we'd have to wait a long time, but there wasn't a line for tickets or to get inside the maze, so we just walked right in. It was perfect weather for it. There was a full moon and it was really foggy that night because it had rained earlier that day. And it was perfectly crisp, without being too cold.

When we first entered the maze, we were by ourselves and we could hear people screaming, but couldn't see anyone (enter fright). We were walking around and up ahead was a cross-section of another path. Right before we got to the intersection, a man with a chainsaw ran by, but didn't see us. He was after a large group to the right of us.

Collin grabbed my hand and we started running in the opposite direction because we didn't want to be chased by a chainsaw. So we're running and getting lost and out pops a scary person from the corn stalks. Well we scream and I'm all out of breath, so we stop running. Because it was so dark out there, I thought I saw scary people hiding, but when we approached it just turned out to be corn stalks. My eyes kept playing tricks on me. So we decided to stay with large groups of people because we didn't like wondering around alone. It made it too realistic for us. AND half the time you wouldn't know if someone was part of the maze or just another patron until you were right up on them.

All in all, it was perfectly scary and really neat. It took us about 45 minutes to go through. Towards the end we got tired of being lost so once a scary person growled at us, we started asking them which way was out. They would all just point in the right direction.

They did a great job with their costumes too. They had the girl from The Ring with a T.V. beside her that was all fuzzy, Michael Myers from Halloween, clowns, tons of fog machines and strobe lights, loud noises, a scene from Texas Chainsaw Massacre and much more. If you're ever in Huntsville, I suggest stopping by.

The baby shower went well too. There were tons of presents and tons of people there. We can't wait for little Cade (I hope I spelled that right) to get here!


heidi said...

because i like to be a know it all, maize is ancient native american corn.
i am thrilled that you are fully enjoying the BEST holiday of the year.
does it seem like kristin has been prego for like 13 months now? perhaps just to her.

Anonymous said...

That sounds just like something ya'll would do! I was just wondering the other day how many haunted house things you have been to this year. I hope to see you this weekend! I miss you! Cade is a really cute name! I wish we could come up with something!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, I was just going to tell you that maize is actually just another word for corn, but I was beat...I hope the shower was awesome. I have been to that maze before, it was a lot of fun, but I know what you mean about getting tired at the end...