Monday, October 27, 2008

The Luxurious Life

One of my favorite things in life is going somewhere extraordinary, looking around, and thinking, I don’t belong here, but I’m here anyway!

When I was a young child, my family didn’t have a lot of “spending money.” In fact, I can’t remember eating at a Taco Bell until I was 12. We only went out to eat on birthdays, and we had two vacations a year going to our grandparent’s houses in South Carolina.

For some reason I always thought that I would, as an adult, be “strapped for cash.” I never thought there was anything wrong with it and I accepted my fate.

That being said, I am always delightfully surprised when Collin and I get to do something (on a discount of course) that makes me feel “rich.” Some examples of this are:

1) Staying at the Palmer House in Chicago

2) Going to Jamaica twice

3) Eating at the Melting Pot

And my most recent “I don’t belong here” experience is becoming a member of 119 Health & Wellness. This facility is owned by St. Vincent’s Hospital and it has doctor’s offices and physical therapy facilities. It also has work-out facilities, including an awesome pool and spa.

This place is expensive, but Collin gets a discount with his work. When Collin began his job, I contemplated joining, but the fee just to join (not including the monthly fees) is $250! So, yeah, I didn’t join. But they had a special going on in October where they cut the price in half and give you a $100 gas card for joining. I figured I would never be able to get it at a better price so I went ahead and joined for a mere $25.

One of the perks of being a member is the quarterly fitness tests and a complimentary massage. I scheduled mine for tomorrow and I can’t wait!

And the very best part is that when I go to work out I don't feel like I'm working out, I feel like I'm being pampered. I went four times last week and I can't wait to go back!


Thanaglim said...

I'm delightfully jealous

The Grays: said...

Me too (jealous, that is!) I guess I will just continue to work out at the Y and live vicariously through you...

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Sounds much better than my "Y" experience but yes, you and Collin are blessed...just have 6 kids all 18 months-2yrs apart and see how strapped for extra cash you are:):)