Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Early Christmas

Christmas came early to us this year. Collin got up at 4:30 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping. He came back with a Blu-Ray DVD player that he’s been wanting for a while and a laptop for me that I’ve been wanting for a VERY long while. He also got some miscellaneous DVDs and a portable DVD player and case for all those long road trips I complain about.

But that’s not even it!

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Collin’s parents and grandma came over for dinner at our house. Everyone was served and enjoying their food, I went to go sit down at the table and the chair completely broke and I landed flat on my butt. I was so glad it happened to me and not one of them!

A little background on the table: we’ve had it for two years and before that my sister had it. When we moved into our house a year ago, my mom stood on it to reach a high cabinet and it broke. Collin nailed it back together and my friend Rebecca was sitting in it one night and it broke. Collin nailed it back together again and it broke when I sat in it.

So Collin’s parents decided we need a new table for Christmas. What do you think? It’s being delivered on Christmas Eve. We’re so excited!

Thank you Rhonda and Tom!


The Archibald Family said...

Nice! You guys are having a great Christmas!

Elizabeth said...

I am feeling a little jealousy creeping up...I like it! Seriously, a fabulous Christmas!!!

tracyp said...

So I'm guessing that you're not really celebrating Christmas... just Thanksgiving! Congrats on all your awesome stuff... I like the table

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you didn't share that story with us at Thanksgiving! Would have been a good laugh! Not as good as Caroline thinking Thanksgiving wasn't always on a Thursday!:) Love the table! Ya'll are so spoiled...oops I mean blessed:)
Love ya!

Caroline said...

LOVE ths table! I can't believe y'all re-nailed that chair that many times~ Too funy!
Valoree-do you have to keep bringing that up?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty table. I guess I started the whole broken chair thing. What did you do with the old table? It still has 3 good chairs, right?


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