Friday, January 02, 2009


Since I posted last, Collin and I have been on a cruise to the Southern Caribbean, had two days at work before spending Christmas Eve with my family, Christmas Day with Collin’s family and then headed to Louisville, KY to visit Collin’s grandma and Dad, we’ve been back for five days, but tonight I leave for Huntsville to visit the Messervy’s and Layton’s with my sister, Caroline, and Collin is going to Atlanta to visit his friend, Paul. Phew! Wait, but that's not all. Next weekend we're heading back to Kentucky, but to Madisonville this time to visit Collin's other grandma and great aunt.

So where did 2008 go?

Really, I’m not complaining, I just can’t understand why Collin and I do this to ourselves every year right around Christmas. Maybe next year we’ll be smarter and go on our big anniversary trip in November or something.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I hope to post pictures soon, but because there has been so much going on, I think I’ll pick my favorite of each event to post.


Katy said...

This year has flown by for me, too. WOW!! A cruise!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

Anonymous said...

You are a busy girl! Those people n Ensley are going to think they ran ya'll off! Is Collin going to be back by Sun? I want him to stand in the circle for Evan's blessing. And, I am such an idiot...when we got home Christmas eve, i was thinking why did ashley keep saying so you're blessing her on the 4th? It hit me...duh, that's her b'day! I bet you were like, thanks! well, that will be cool! see you then!

Andy said...

Thanks so much for the card and blog information. Our is
We never would have made it out of the abyss we were in with out you and your fellow missionaries, we may have been raised in the church but at that time in our lives we felt alone and abandoned. If you ever hear from anyone like Elder Dain Rasmussen or elder Rowley pass along our info.
Best to you and Ashley she is a beautiful girl! You are so LUCKY!

tracyp said...

Man! I love that y'all take trips all the time. Good for you! Hope you had a great anniversary!

Debbie said...

oh, sure... plan a trip to Huntsville and don't come see me ;-)