Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Carnival Victory

After a short stay in Puerto Rico, we boarded our ship, the Carnival Victory. These pictures are not all of our first day on the ship, but I just wanted to show some pictures of the time we spent on it, which was not a whole lot considering we stopped at an island every day.

I was excited and couldn't believe how big it was (and yes that it a swimsuit coverup; I'm not going immodest)
Taking advantage of the 24 hour ice cream on the deck.

Collin looking handsome in the lounge on one of the formal nights.

Me doing what I do best...sleeping. That bed was so comfortable and the rocking of the ship lulled me to sleep each night. I slept incredibly well, and that's saying a lot because I'm a light sleeper.

Pina Colada, our favorite drink. (Yes, it's virgin)

Collin hanging out with the pillow pig.


Thanaglim said...

I was surprised myself by how big they were, when we were in Key West a huge one came right by the beach it was kinda surreal seeing it come around the rock. Reminded me of a train, never ending.

I want to go on a cruise one day.

Debbie said...

Yum, 24 hour ice cream and Pina Coladas! I've always wondered if I would get sea sick on a cruise ship. Maybe not since it's such a large ship.