Thursday, January 29, 2009


Still blogging about your cruise? GAH! Trying to rub it in or something?

No, it is just taking me FOREVER to blog about our trip. Please feel free to make comments like,
"Enough already move onto to something else." or "I don't mind these posts, finish."

The second island we went to was Dominica. We went on a waterfall and hotsprings excursion that turned out to be awesome.

We were first taken on a scenic tour of the island, went to a waterfall that you had to swim to, got to jump off of a rock into the waterfall, and then onto the natural hot springs.

We don't have pictures of the waterfall or the hot springs because we bought a waterproof digital camera from Walmart that didn't work. I'm still angry about that. DON'T buy it. It's $20 and the reason it's so cheap is that IT DOESN'T WORK.

Beautiful Dominican mountains

Collin on the bridge that led to the waterfall

Me on the bridge that led to the waterfall

After the hotsprings, we were given local fruit which was absolutely delicious! I also spent about an hour at the shops getting my mom some vanilla extract, which is supposed to be awesome from Dominica.
It ended up busting in my suitcase on the flight home. Yes, it stained several of my clothes.
The area where the waterfall was located was in Pirates of the Carribean III.
One of the funniest parts of this stop was when we got into the van, there was a couple who were probably in their forties. The woman leaned over to Collin and asked, "Do we need anything for this?"
He looked at her and said, "A swimsuit is really all you need."
She looked at him in shock. "Do you have your swimsuit?" She asked both of us.
We both nodded yes. She began complaining to the tour guide that she didn't have her swimsuit and asked him if there would be somewhere she could buy one.
The guide said, "Well, we're going to the rainforest, so..."
She actually got mad at him about it like it was his fault. They ended up getting off the bus without a refund. The tour was like $60 or $80 a person. I can't remember, but I would have swam in my underwear or with all my clothes on to avoid losing that money. Everyone else in the van cheered when they got off.
Come on. The tour is called "Waterfall and Hot Springs Tour" or something similar.


Debbie said...

I want to hear all about your trip ;-) The waterfall tour sounds awesome!! We tried to sign up for one of those when we were in Hawaii, but it turned out to not be what we expected. I don't know if they signed us up for the wrong one or what, but we like drove past a few waterfalls in the distance. They did take us through some woods at one point though and brought us to a very small waterfall and said that was where the Mormon missionaries did their first baptisms when they first came to the island so that part turned out to be pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

That sounds awesome! I'm all about some Pirates of the Carribean, too so that makes it that much better! Noticed ya'll still use the towels I got you as a gift!