Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Boy Patrick Patterson

Hey this is Collin and I have never made a post to this blog, until now. Why you might ask? Well this truly warrants a blog post from me. Most of you who read this blog (and I am thrilled you are reading it mind you) will probably not understand the importance of why this would be my first post. And I am sure you will not know who Patrick Patterson is, but I sure do.

On Saturday (1-24-09) Ashley, me, my parents, and Ashley's parents went to the Alabama vs. Kentucky basketball game. I must first give a special thanks to Caroline Sprayberry and her cousin, Amy, for getting us 6 tickets to the game. I owe you guys BIG time!

I am a HUGE Kentucky basketball fan (most of you who read this may already know this is true) If you can think of the craziest Alabama football fan that you know, well that would be me for Kentucky basketball. I live for it everytime basketball season comes around. I love basketball and the Kentucky Wildcats!

Anyway, the game itself was awesome. I loved it! There is nothing like watching a basketball game from a comfortable seat in the arena (hey, i will call it comfortable). I love hearing 15,000 plus fans (which there were over 15,000 fans there Saturday) duke it out in a beautiful screamfest of great plays, dunks, passes, steals, rebounds, blocks, fouls, ooh's and ahh's, and don't forget to throw in a little boo's (for bad plays) as well.

Unfortunately for Alabama fans the oohing and ahhing ceased and the about 5,000 plus (just a positive guess on my part) Kentucky fans roared to life as we beat Alabama 61-51! I know it is only basketball and for the Alabama fan he or she probably left the game not caring at all about the final outcome but I am still proud Kentucky got the win. So, after the game I waited around and got the above picture with one of the best Kentucky players on the team Patrick Patterson!!!

In case anyone cares, he averages about 19 points per game (which is really good for a college player) and almost 10 rebounds a game (which is also great). I was in total awe that he actually took a picture with me! I think I had tears in my eyes. And what makes the moment even more meaningful is that Patterson will most likely be playing pro basketball in the NBA! So I would have to say this was the cherry on top of a sweet game of basketball.

I also got Patterson's autograph which was nice. Now if you are still reading this (which I hope you are) then I must say I was very happy to have been able to be at this game with my wife Ashley, (i love to "try" to get her to somewhat like basketball, and someday it will happen) my parents, and Ashley's parents. They all enjoyed it and had a great time. I mean who wouldn't? I mean it's basketball!


Kristin Tice said...

Glad you had a good time. I'm sure the pic will be big and framed on your wall soon! Good luck with getting Ashley to EVER like watching sports! I think she would profess a love for vegetables before that day will ever come! :)

Kristin Tice said...

Yay for Collin!!! Now there are two comments!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good post,Collin. We did have a good time, even though Bama didn't win. We'll let Kentucky have this win, but not during football season.
Love, MOM