Thursday, February 19, 2009

Last Cruise Post

The rest of the cruise we hit Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, and St. Kitts.

Here we are in Barbados on a catamaran after snorkeling. That's Barbados behind us. Look how flat it is! We took a tour that took us all over St. Lucia. Here we are in front of the famous Pitons.

The tour also took us to the batanical gardens in St. Lucia. Here we are in front of a waterfall that has so many minerals in it, the water is gray and has turned the dirt behind it into clay.

We went on yet another catamaran that took us to a black sand beach. Very interesting!
In Antiga we went on a zipline tour over a rainforest. It was possibly one of the scariest things I've ever done, but was awesome. They didn't allow us to take cameras on the tour so I don't have any pictures, but Collin bought one of him and I might try to scan it if I remember to do so.

I didn't have any interesting pictures of St. Kitts. It wasn't our favorite. We just went to the beach where I read a book and Collin mostly practiced for...

His big role as Garth Brooks in the Carnival Legends show the last night of the cruise! He sang "Friends in Low Places" and did a great job. I would never have enough courage to get up in front of that many people and sing.


Fernelius said...

Nice shirt!!!! Glad you had fun on your cruise! Wish we were there, to much snow here. Ahhh Winter

The Grays: said...

I love these pictures...The picture of both of you in front of the waterfall is beautiful and captures you both wonderfully!

Debbie said...

Nice! where did Collin get that shirt?! I have always wanted to go on a zipline. That sounds awesome!

Ashley said...

Debbie, are you talking about the checkered shirt? The cruise line supplied the costume (including the belt buckle and hat).