Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bowling Green, KY

Every hotel was booked in Cave City, Kentucky the weekend before the Easter holiday. By the looks of it, so was every hotel in Bowling Green, 20 minutes away. It was a good thing we had reservations. What is so special about Bowling Green that so many travelers have to see? I asked myself that question as Collin got our room key from the front desk attendant. Bowling Green is a college town.

"Is there a sporting event going on tomorrow?" I asked Collin as we made our way to the elevators.

Turns out, the hotels were booked and the restaurant tables were full because of Mammoth Cave National Park. That's why we were there, so why should it surprise me that so many other people were there for the same reason?

We had intended to visit the Lost Sea Boat Tour, but the cave was flooded. Instead we went to Diamond Cavern and took the History Tour at Mammoth Cave. They had this Caving for Beginners tour that lasted four hours and took you through passageways 9 inches in width. Let's just say I was bummed I was pregnant and couldn't do that tour and hope to go back one day. Who wants to keep our baby so we can go spelunking? :)

I'm not much of an outdoorsy person because I can't stand getting overheated, but caves have natural air conditioning. It was about 55 degrees inside. I loved it! Oh, and if you're planning on going, make sure you make a reservation for the tour you go on at Mammoth Cave. Thankfully we did, but when we arrived to get our tickets, all of the tours for the rest of the day were already booked.

I had no idea there was an awesome natural attraction only 3-1/2 hours away.

Bottomless pit at Mammoth Cave
Fat Man's misery at Mammoth Cave

Diamond Cavern

Squeezing through Fat Man's Misery
Oh, and in case you're wondering because of this awful picture, I am growing my bangs back out. They're higher maintenance than I'd like and I want to be as low-maintenance as possible by the time the baby gets here. I'm glad I was able to feel young and hip for the past three months though.


Elizabeth said...'s a 3 1/2 hours from Birmingham? I should look into that...that sounds like it would be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you tell a story. Not like me...we went here, then here and did much more interesting!

Elizabeth said...

...Thank you!! :)

Kristin and Chase said...

Those pictures look awesome!

Caroline said...

How fun! Love the story and the pictures. Good luck growing out those bangs!

Debbie said...

That looks awesome! I can't believe you're over the bangs already.. haha