Saturday, May 16, 2009


At the end of April we had the great opportunity to go to Orange Beach with 8 of our friends (pictured below). Steven (the really tall guy) orchestrated the event by choosing a date and hunting down a condo large enough for ten. It was so beautiful I felt like a really rich famous person for being able to call it "Home" for four days. (Whenever I'm staying anywhere whether it be a condo, a hotel, or a friend's house, I always call it "home" for the duration of the stay).

Below is a picture of all ten of us. It was brought up several times how amazing it is that all five of us couples are within two years in age of each other, we all live in Birmingham, and we all own a house. I mean statistically, how often does that happen?

We regretably did not take many pictures, but one of Collin's favorite past-times was sliding down this slide. He was having more fun the the kids there! I'll have to admit, the slide went faster than you would expect just by looking at it.

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Anonymous said...

Now ya'll all just need to have kids!