Saturday, May 16, 2009

Water Aerobics

I've been feeling really guilty lately for not going to the gym. I know it's not an excuse, but this growing baby inside my belly is wearing me out! In an attempt to get back "into it" I attended my first ever water aerobics class Thursday night.

Was I the only person there under 40? Most definitely

Was the majority of the class made up of cotton tops? You betchya

Did the teenage lifeguard steal glances at me surely wondering why a mid-20-year-old would attend such a class? Too many times to feel comfortable about

Was it a good workout? Oh goodness, yes

Before committing myself to attending, I struggled internally with "selling out". See, I was a competitive swimmer and lifeguard for four years and a swim teacher for six years of my life. I can swim laps for thirty minutes without being sore the next day. Mind you, this is not exactly me bragging because when I was in shape I was able to swim laps (including sprints) for two hours at a time with minimal breaks without being sore the next day.

So why would I need to take water aerobics? Well, I'm here to admit that water aerobics kicked my butt. It's two days later and my calves are still sore. I'm planning on making the class twice a week until the baby's born. So remember, water aerobics isn't just for the retired.

Oh and the instructor recognized that I'm pregnant and not just "thick around the middle". It was a great moment for me to know that strangers may be able to tell I'm with child instead of just fat. I'm 21 weeks now. Over half-way there. Scary? Yes!


Natalie said...

i can still remember the glorious moment when he lady behind me at sams bent down to pick up the change that i had dropped b/c i "shouldn't be bending down in my position" she was the first stranger to recognize me as pregnant. i loved it. as much as i loved it though, i would still NEVER dare to guess or assume that anybody is expecting. yeah for you and water aerobics

Melissa said...
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Anonymous said...

Cool about the class. Sounds right up your alley!