Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I finally finished the nine-book series I was reading (and the author is still writing more!). But the bad thing about catching up on my reading is that it's summer there's nothing on T.V. Due to being super achy after working all day and not having the energy to do much in the evenings, I've really gotten into MTV's show, 16 and Pregnant.

I like watching it because no matter how I'm feeling or what my insecurities are about becoming a mom, I watch this show and think that if these 16-year-olds can do it, so can I. Unfortunately, every time I see the show coming on, it's the same rerun.

I don't want summer to end because my drive to work is only 10 minutes opposed to 25 minutes when school's in, but I'm really ready for some decent shows to start again. I haven't even been able to get into "So You Think You Can Dance," which I usually love.

In other news, I was asked by my boss to cut my hours back at work (due to the bad economy), but it couldn't have come at a better time. I begin working part-time in August. Honestly though, I was planning on asking to cut my hours back anyway. It just makes me feel like less of a wuss that I'm cutting back at the request of my boss. I have so much respect for women who work full-time up until the day before they give birth.


Natalie said...

or day we give birth! sorry that was me but it wasn't supposed to happen. i had it all planned...which meant nothing planned. i was going to take thursday off and be induced on friday. do everything like clean house and pack my bags and organize thursday. i went into labor wednesday night. figures.

Debbie said...

guess Heavenly Father knew what you needed ;-)