Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Are Anniversaries Mainly for Women?

Yesterday, Collin and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I told him not to get me anything because we're planning on going to Asheville, NC over the New Year's weekend. And because I told him not to get me anything, I didn't get him anything.

BUT...I came home for lunch Monday to two cards. One was romantic and tear-jerking. The second was funny. And he gave me a gift card to my favorite spa.

I felt bad for not doing anything for him so I got him a card and two "mock" basketball tickets for a game that night. He had been asking me to go with him, but I hadn't wanted to. I was willing to go as my gift to him though.

I got home that night after work to Collin dressed in a shirt and tie. He informed me to go change because his parents would be there soon to keep Bri. He took me to the Melting Pot for dinner. It was so wonderful. I'm too spoiled.

So my question you think anniversaries are more for the woman in the relationship than for the man? Collin seemed completely content in surprising me/getting me gifts without having anything of his own.

Here's to 3 years and many more to come!


Sarah said...

aww, surprises when you tell them not to do anything are the best! Although, I dont' think that's ever happened to me, lol. That sounds like an awesome anniversary!!! Good job, Collin!

tracyp said...

Men are simple, they want to be happy and know that when they make us happy, we treat them better. We also show our emotions more then that do so back to my 1st point... Colin is just very smart!

Debbie said...

Aww... Collin is very sweet! Yes, Jared always tell me never to get him anything for our anniversary or Valentine's Day.. that it's more for the woman.... so I usually don't but I always feel bad.. haha

Elizabeth said...

Awwwwww!! So sweet. Congrats on having such a great husband!

Anonymous said... are lucky! Let's see...birthday, nothing. Anniversary, nothing. Will Christmas be the same? :)

Kristin and Chase said...

Good grief, Collin is just amazing. Y'all need to come visit so that he can teach Chase a thing or two. Who ever heard of a guy who still does that way after the dating stops?? Very rare. I must say I've been very impressed w/Collin over the years. Happy Anniversary!

Katy said...

at some point in colin's raising, he was educated properly by a woman. i don't know if he has sisters, or maybe it was his mom; anyway he sounds great! congrats on your anniversary. and i vote that it is for the woman.

Anonymous said...

What?? you didn't call me & tell me about this wonderful surprise!! How many times have I talked to you since then? guess I need to get on facebook, huh? Rhonda really raised a great son.


The Grays: said...

First, kuddos to Collin! What a great husband. Simon has planned all of our anniversaries, all 5 of them. I love it!

Caroline said...

That is really sweet! I definately feel like anniversaries are more for women! Chris could care less if get him anything! My favorite part about this story is that he even set up a sitter for Bri! That is awesome! Happy Anniversary!