Monday, March 29, 2010

Loaner Phone

My phone crapped out on me so while waiting for my replacement, T-Mobile gave me a loaner phone. While texting yesterday I came across these little jewels from one of the phone's previous temporary owners.

Sent from phone: "I do it because it feels good to make you FINALLY understand how much you hurt me. I'm sick of being a masochist. I've turned to sadisticism."

Sent to phone: "Lol. You're such a complex entity. I typically read everyone really well. Sometimes i still have trouble reading you though. I feel like Edward again. Just less hot...And cold. And pale and awesome."

I have no idea if the two are related, but I love the second one.


Sarah said...

haha, awesome!

Debbie said...

haha... first one- scary.. second one- awesome! and you might want to delete your messages when you're done with it ;-)