Friday, April 09, 2010


I just received an email from a published author who read my manuscript.

"Your writing is very crisp and readable. You don’t over-use dialogue tags or –ly adverbs (something that seems to be common in new writers). There were almost no grammatical errors and your phraseology and word usage was clever."

Awesome huh? She gave me several great suggestions on improving the book that I am contemplating now. I didn't ask her permission to post her review to my blog, so, no. I won't divulge who it is.

Just believe that I didn't make it up :)


Elizabeth said...

AWESOMENESS...that is so amazing, Ashley!!! Now I REALLY want to read it! Can't wait til it gets published. I am going to want an autographed copy, for sure. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Good job. BTW I finally saw New Moon this weekend. CHEESE! AWEFUL!

Ashley said...

Val-better than Twilight though right?

The Grays: said...

That's awesome and impressive!